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A month ago, when we launched our statewide Survey of Latinx’ Access and Attitudes towards COVID-19 Vaccines, we had an inkling about what the findings would be. Throughout the pandemic we have seen how Latinx people across the country have been hard hit by the virus with some of the highest  infection rates and death rates, while also being largely excluded from COVID-19 economic relief legislation. As vaccine rollouts were announced, we saw that our gente were encountering serious barriers to access the vaccine.

The data we collected from over 800 people in 10 North Carolina counties, backed the trends we were seeing on the ground -- while most people wanted to get vaccinated, over 70% of our gente don’t know how or where to get vaccinated. On top of this, we are facing serious language and technology barriers because so many of the signup forms are online and in English. The survey showed that accurate and reliable vaccination information was just not reaching the barrios that make up our community.

So, we did what we do best when it comes to keeping us safe -- we made a plan and started going door to door to launch our “Vacúnate y Regístrate” campaign. Over the last month we’ve helped over 400 Latinxs get vaccinated, while also signing many up to vote. Last week, we reached a new milestone -- we trained 16 promotores who will be signing our gente up to get vaccinated in neighborhoods across the Triad and the Triangle. We will dedicate ourselves over the next ten weeks to making  sure that North Carolina’s Latinxs survive this pandemic.
We are scaling our outreach like never before and we need your support to sustain this. This is why today we are asking that you become a sustaining donor that will allow us to work through this year to get all of our gente vaccinated. Will you sign up as a sustaining donor today?

We are rolling up our sleeves to pull our community out of the despair this pandemic has brought us and we are counting on your support to help us go the extra mile.