Juntes we can rise, and defend our gente and win the North Carolina we all deserve.

Join Siembra in the fight against ICE, abusive employers and landlords, discrimination and criminalization of the Latine community in NC.

Our lucha is alive.

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We’re already 1.2M Latines in North Carolina and one of the fastest growing populations in the state. When we work in collaboration, we are powerful. Together, podemos!
Thanks to our organizing work with Siembra members and partners across the state, we’ve been able to prevent the return of 287g in Wake County and mobilized thousands to vote.
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Who is the real supermajority in NC? Check out our kids' book to find out.

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How we defend our rights against wage theft.

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Do you know what to do when stopped by ICE?

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Money worked is money paid. Our gente is experiencing wage theft on the regular. Read here to find out how bad bosses steal wages and how to fight back.

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Identifying Wage Theft
Defensa hotline

Reach out to us if you are experiencing wage theft at work.

If you suspect your wages are being stolen or haven't been paid by your employer let us know at 336-543-0353 so one of our organizers can get in touch. Not getting paid full wages, regardless of immigration status, is illegal and together we can organize to get your hard earned money back.

Celebrate, organize, and show up with us.

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