Let’s protect ourselves and each other from abusive employers, landlords, discrimination, and La Migra.

Make sure you have our hotline number saved on your phone: 336-543-0353.

When to contact La Línea de Defensa?

The Defensa Hotline is a first line of contact for collective fights and resources for the community. You can call the línea if you:


You suspect ICE or police activity in your local community.


You are experiencing workplace issues like stolen wages at your job.

What happens when I call La Línea because of suspected ICE or police activity in my community?

Once we’re able to verify the threat, we will alert our community. It’s important we watch each others’ backs, but we also don’t want our gente to live in fear.

Call or text our hotline if you suspect ICE activity in your area

If you’ve witnessed or had a personal contact report ICE presence (no need to call us about social media posts shared by people you don’t know).
If you see people dressed like civilians parked for prolonged hours in a residential area, with tinted windows, making traffic stops in a neighborhood.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Whether you witnessed the situation yourself or you were told by someone else.
  2. The exact location of the situation you witnessed.
  3. A detailed description of the events, including car makes and models.

What can Siembra do if i’m experiencing workplace issues?

We can mobilize the community through our Comités de Derechos Laborales to support cases of 3 or more people who've had their wages stolen by an abusive employee
We will refer you to the right resources to help you win wages back or fight abusive employers